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Jammu Pincode / Post Office Search (RAJAURI, Jammu & Kashmir)

Adlehar B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Agra Chak B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Aitham B.O 180017JammuJammu & Kashmir
Akalpur B.O 180002JammuJammu & Kashmir
Akhnoor S.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Allah B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Ambaran B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Arnia S.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Badyal Brahmna B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bagnkot B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bain Bajalta B.O 180006JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bakore B.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bakshinagar S.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bamal Colony B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Banachak B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bantalab S.O 181123JammuJammu & Kashmir
Baran B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bardoh B.O 181204JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bari Brahmna S.O 181133JammuJammu & Kashmir
Barigarh B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Batehra B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bathindi S.O 181152JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bhadrod B.O 180002JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bhalwal Brahmna B.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bhatyari B.O 181224JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bhour Camp B.O 181101JammuJammu & Kashmir
Birpur B.O 181133JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bishnah Adda S.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bishnah S.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Brui B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Bsf Camp Paloura S.O 181124JammuJammu & Kashmir
Budhal S.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chak Kirpalpur B.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chak Malal B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chak Shama B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chak Umrah B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chana Shikari B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chani Himat S.O 180015JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chasote B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chohala B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chowadi B.O 180011JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chowki Choura S.O 185154JammuJammu & Kashmir
Chowkian B.O 185135JammuJammu & Kashmir
Dablehar S.O 181111JammuJammu & Kashmir
Dansal S.O 181224JammuJammu & Kashmir
Danwal B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
Daraj B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Darap B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Datial B.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Deoli B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Devipur B.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Dhiani B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Dhoke Khalsa B.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Dhounthly Bazar S.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Doori Dugar B.O 185154JammuJammu & Kashmir
Dumana S.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gadigarh B.O 181101JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gajansoo B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gandharwan B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gandhinagar H.O 180004JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gangyal S.O 180010JammuJammu & Kashmir
Garkhal B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Ghar Majoor B.O 185154JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gharatal B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gharota B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gho Manhasan B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gigrial B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gol Gujral B.O 180002JammuJammu & Kashmir
Goondla B.O 181111JammuJammu & Kashmir
Goran B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gura Manhasan B.O 181207JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gurah Salathia S.O 181143JammuJammu & Kashmir
Gurha Brahmna B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Halqa B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
J.Kotli B.O 181221JammuJammu & Kashmir
J.N.V. Nud B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jagti B.O 181221JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jakh B.O 184120JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jammu Cantt S.O 180003JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jammu H.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jandial B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Janipur High Court S.O 180007JammuJammu & Kashmir
Janipur S.O 180007JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jassore B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jindrah B.O 181224JammuJammu & Kashmir
Jourian S.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kachi Chowni S.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kaink Jagir B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kakrai B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kaleetg B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kalibari B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kalu Chak B.O 180010JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kalyana B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kanachak B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kanachirgal B.O 180017JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kandoli Nagrota S.O 181221JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kangrial B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kanhal B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kanyala B.O 181224JammuJammu & Kashmir
Karan Nagar S.O (Jammu) 180005JammuJammu & Kashmir
Karloop B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kathar B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kesomanhasan B.O 181141JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kewal B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Khara Madana B.O 181145JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kharah B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kheri B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Khour S.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kirpind B.O 181101JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kishanpur B.O 181224JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kot B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kot Maira B.O 181204JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kothar B.O 181224JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kotli Colony S.O 180005JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kotli Mian Fateh B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Kotlishah Daula B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Langotian B.O 181101JammuJammu & Kashmir
Lehar B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Link Road S.O (Jammu) 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Magowali B.O 181111JammuJammu & Kashmir
Maira B.O 181202JammuJammu & Kashmir
Makwal B.O 180003JammuJammu & Kashmir
Mamanlot B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Mandal B.O 180003JammuJammu & Kashmir
Mandal B.O 181145JammuJammu & Kashmir
Mandarian B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Mansar B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Mawa Brahmna B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Misriwala B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Muthi S.O 181205JammuJammu & Kashmir
Nadore B.O 181221JammuJammu & Kashmir
Nagbani B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Nanak Chak B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Nandpur B.O 181141JammuJammu & Kashmir
Nanga B.O 181141JammuJammu & Kashmir
Naryana B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
NATC S.O 180003JammuJammu & Kashmir
Nathal B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
New Fruit Market S.O 180012JammuJammu & Kashmir
Nikkian B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
O.H.Road S.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Pacca Danga Akhnoor S.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Pallanwala S.O 181204JammuJammu & Kashmir
Palli B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Paloura S.O 181121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Pandorian Manhasan B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Pangdour B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Panjgrain B.O 181221JammuJammu & Kashmir
Pargwal S.O 181207JammuJammu & Kashmir
Parlah B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Paryal B.O 181206JammuJammu & Kashmir
Peermitha S.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Pindicharka Kalan B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Puran Nagar S.O 180005JammuJammu & Kashmir
Purmandal S.O 181145JammuJammu & Kashmir
Qilla Bahu S.O 180006JammuJammu & Kashmir
R.N.Bazar S.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
R.S.Pura Adda S.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
R.S.Pura S.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rabta B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rahya B.O 181143JammuJammu & Kashmir
Railway Station S.O 180012JammuJammu & Kashmir
Raipur B.O 181123JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rangpur Malania B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rangpur Trewa B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Ranjan B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rathana B.O 181111JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rattisn B.O 181101JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rehal B.O 181132JammuJammu & Kashmir
Rehari Mohalla S.O 180005JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sadhoti B.O 185154JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sai Kalan B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sainik Colony S.O 180011JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sainth B.O 181203JammuJammu & Kashmir
Salehar B.O 181111JammuJammu & Kashmir
Samba Adda S.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Samba S.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Samote B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sangrampur B.O 180002JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sanjwan B.O 184120JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sarna B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sarore B.O 181133JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sarote B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Seri Panditan B.O 181122JammuJammu & Kashmir
Shaktinagar Jammu S.O 180001JammuJammu & Kashmir
Shamka B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Shergarhi B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Shiba B.O 181221JammuJammu & Kashmir
Shikari B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Smailpur B.O 181133JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sohanjana B.O 180003JammuJammu & Kashmir
Subash Nagar Jammu S.O 180005JammuJammu & Kashmir
Suchetgarh B.O 181102JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sumb B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sungal B.O 181201JammuJammu & Kashmir
Sunjwan B.O 180011JammuJammu & Kashmir
Surinsar B.O 180017JammuJammu & Kashmir
Suryavihar B.O 180002JammuJammu & Kashmir
Swankha B.O 184120JammuJammu & Kashmir
Tahra B.O 181224JammuJammu & Kashmir
Talab Tillo S.O 180002JammuJammu & Kashmir
Talhar B.O 181131JammuJammu & Kashmir
Taloor B.O 184121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Tarore B.O 181133JammuJammu & Kashmir
Topsherkhania B.O 181121JammuJammu & Kashmir
Transport Yard S.O 180004JammuJammu & Kashmir
Trikuta Nagar S.O 180012JammuJammu & Kashmir
Tuli B.O 185233JammuJammu & Kashmir
Utter Behni B.O 181145JammuJammu & Kashmir
Vinaik Bazar S.O 180016JammuJammu & Kashmir

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.